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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Applying classy winged eyeliner, in a sultry style, with a liquid pen, sounds a bit tricky skill to master. A little imbalance and slight wrong movement of the hand may cause havoc to your eyes. Therefore, here we share some authentic tips and techniques expressed by makeup experts who are helpful for the novices, in putting on a bright, stylish look of a cat eye wing with a liquid pen liner.
The felt tip liquid liners are very similar to the ordinary markers available in the market and have eyeliner ink passing through it like a pen. They used for their exclusive quality of precision and are usually available in the form of a pen with the soft brush kind of tip. The intended darkness, delicacy and all dressed up look which is desired in shortest possible time is attained by a liquid pen liner. It creates a sharp finish and true definition to your eyes, and the wing of the eyeliner gives all the party look that you desire. Just follow these easy steps to apply a liquid pen, winged eyeliner, in no time at all.
Start by putting on the little primer with your fingertip on your eyelids. It will keep your liner smudge free for a longer period. After that, add some concealer or a foundation to the area of skin around your eyes. It will hide all the imperfections and dark hues that will enhance the beautiful effect of the eyeliner.
If your skin is bit oily, a bit of loose powder added with a cat or smokey eye makeup brush would keep your skin fine and matte.
You need to relax before applying a pen liner. Rest your elbow on a table and put your pinky finger on your cheek at the side of the eye. The more stabilized your posture would be the more you would prevent any jerky mess-ups.
While applying a liquid pen liner, avoid drawing a straight line directly as it will increase the chances of uneven line or wavy hand movement. It’s more useful to start by applying tiny dots or dashes in a single line, evenly spacing them apart. It must be closest to your eyelashes. After you reached the edge of your eye, go back to your tear duct and start connecting these dashes in short but steady strokes. Keep the eyeliner pen a bit slanted. It will help in keeping the line sleek and smooth. Maintain the line as thin as possible in the beginning, making it a bit thicker while reaching the outer edge.
Next is to make the wing at the outer edge of the eye. For making a perfect wing is not as difficult as it might appear to you, especially if you are using a liquid pen liner. There are three ways to do it smoothly, and you can follow the one you find yourself more comfortable.
·         Place the body of your pen liner at the angle of about 45 degrees at the outer edge of your eye. Put it on your face in such a way that it touches the end of your eyebrow and the side of your nose from the both ends. Here you have the perfect flick angle required to make a cat eye wing. Imagine and put a dot in the exact place you want your wing to end. It’s your choice whether you want long flirty wing or modest smaller one. Now connect that dot with the outer edge’s eye line and make it thick as well as symmetrical.
·         Use a small piece of scotch tape for drawing a styled wing with your liquid pen liner. Cut a short piece of scotch tape, place it on the back of your hand, two or three times. It will make it less sticky for your eyes. Now place it from beneath of your eye’s inner eye lash, ending it with outer edge of eye brow. Using this as a stencil draw a wing over it, connecting it to your eye lids line. Remove the tape after it’s dry.
·         You can use the corner of a business card to get a perfect wing. Follow the above instructions for placing it at the correct angle and using it as a scale, draw a line over it, connecting it to your eyelids.
Keep your eyelids taut while applying liner and if there is a little bit mess, remove it by a cotton swab lightly dipped in makeup remover.
*Guest post by Jennifer Kurtz*

Jennifer is a fashion stylist, content writer and a brand ambassador of eye makeup brand. With a vast experience in beauty tools and accessories design, she turned into the creative side and has been named as one of the top fashion blogger. Mountain in her heart - a passion for mountain climbing.

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  3. Great post dear :) Really useful :)

  4. I'm sure make up is not genius but I still haven't figured how to make wings look the same on both eyes lol
    Maybe this tutorial will help.
    Thank you for sharing girl :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  5. Great post. This is actually one of my quick go-tos, but getting that line even can be tricky sometimes no matter how pro you are at it. The dot technique makes so much sense. Will try it out. XO

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  8. This is the most difficult thing for me when I do my makeup, I always do one perfectly and the other is always a mess haha! I watched hundreds of tutorial but I cannot manage to do it right!


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    xx The Girl in the Bunny Ears

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    Danielle | <3

  14. I use my pinky to help keep me steady but I still manage to eff it up now and then lol. It's the most frustrating thing to do.


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