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2016 Top Wedding Fashion Trends

Sunday, September 25, 2016

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Planning and organizing your wedding day can be somewhat stressful, but picking out your wedding dress can make all the worries go away because it’s one of the most enjoyable tasks you’ll have to do. Finding your perfect wedding gown requires some patience, but as long as you feel confident with your own body shape, you’ll definitely find something that will make you look stunning. Wedding trends are always changing and the year 2016 has brought some of the more interesting variations of the traditional wedding dress. Take a look and you just might find your perfect style among the following trends.
Go pastel
White and ivory will always be timeless when it comes to wedding dresses. But for those who would like to spice their look up and refine their appearance even more, pale pastel colours like pink and blue are very popular this year. By going with the palest shade of the mentioned pastel colors, the hue can make your bridal look even more special and dazzling.
Crop tops rule
It seems that the trend of crop tops is here to stay because it found its way to the wedding dresses as well. This trend is both casual and chic, and with just a bit of skin showing, it can make a world of difference regarding the whole bridal look. Romantic lace or sweetheart necklines look great on a crop top and when chosen right, this kind of dress - with separated top and skirt - can elongate your figure.
The wonder of sleeves
Sleeveless wedding gowns with straps or bodices are still very popular but this year’s trend of long sleeves got equal attention. Plain, straight-cut sleeves look very elegant while see-through ones that are embellished with lace details can add an additional touch of romance to your look. Moreover, wide sleeves can look great with a specific theme, be it mythology or fairy tale.
Make room for feathers
Again, artificial flower details can be considered a timeless trend when it comes to wedding gowns, but this year there has been a burst of feathery details that threaten to take the flower's spotlight, detail-wise. Feather-embellished wedding gowns look both very elegant and edgy, so, in that respect, they might be a perfect choice for you.
Suit up
This year has welcomed classy two-piece bridal suits to the mainstream aisles of wedding stores as well. The variety of cuts and luxurious materials can easily put bridal pants and tops on the same level as a traditional wedding dress. These are perfect for a more casual wedding, for a bride who values practicality, freedom of movement and fashionable classy style above all else.
Pop of colour
When pop of colour is mentioned for a wedding day, most brides-to-be will think about colourful flower patterns or feather details, but this year, wedding shoes in striking bold colours were very trendy. Of course, bridal shoes can be an effective accessory on its own regardless of their colour, but the trend that incorporates vivid brights to decorate the bride’s feet has blown up instantly.
Capes and veils
There was a time when veils lost their popularity even though they’re a traditional part of a wedding celebration. As a complete opposite, 2016 has not only brought the veils back, but flowy and lace capes as well. These add a touch of romantic look to any dress style and perfectly match a fairy tale wedding theme.
Make sure you enjoy your wedding prep as much as possible. Choosing your wedding gown and thinking up your whole look for the wedding are definitely the most amusing parts of pre-wedding chaos, so take this chance to really go all out and take a breather from some other, more tedious tasks.

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