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Irresistible Me: Diamond Hair Styler

Sunday, August 28, 2016

I have partnered with Irresistible Me to share a honest review for this fabulous Diamond flat iron. Irresistible Me is a hair company based in the Fashion District of New York. This company specializes in great quality extensions at affordable prices. Irresistible Me sells 100% natural remy hair extensions, hair tools and hair accessories. 

 I was so excited when I received my package from Blair at Irresistible Me. First, let me just say, I was in awe when I opened the box. The packaging is phenomenal. I mean, I do not know one company that packages their hair tools like this. This company scored major cool points just off of the packaging. Presentation is everything to me! I really like the sliver metallic embossed logo. The box has a magnetic flap to open and close the box. The flat iron's features and parts are located on the inside at the top of the box. Also, If you look underneath the flap you'll find the company's website in white. 

I honestly love this Diamond Hair Styler. First, can we get into the design?!  I am a sucker for innovation. Look at all the cool buttons and indicators. 

I have used this flat iron a couple times in two weeks.  My hair looks and feels amazing! I do not like flat irons that make my hair look like it has been fried hard. Thank God this isn't one of them. This flat iron has ceramic plates that are made out of crushed diamonds particles and tourmaline. With those combined, the plates were designed to protect your hair and not strip your hair of its natural oils.
Other great things I love about the flat iron is it does not take long to heat up. The Diamond hair styler heats up within 15 seconds and shuts off after 30 minutes. This ceramic flat iron also has a swivel cord. Don't you hate having to straighten out the cord when you're straighten your hair? Your problem is solved! This flat iron features a 360 degree mobile cord that follows your every move. Cool right?!  
I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family. You won't be disappointed in the results! If you are interested, check out their website below! If you sign up you'll receive a 30% off back to school discount.

*In a week or so I will be posting a GRWM featuring this flat iron & its results!*

Let's Talk

Wednesday, August 24, 2016
I am really focused on my five year plan. By the time I reach thirty, I seek to accomplish so much, god willing. I won't really share my plans because I would prefer to work in silence and watch things manifest. I will say that I want to work for myself by that time. You ever heard the saying "ain't nothing to it but to do it". It is my motto for now. I have so many ideas, I just need to execute them. 

It is such a great feeling to finally BELIEVE in myself and my creative abilities. For me, it's about doing what I put my mind to without worrying so much. When you are a person like me, who struggles with anxiety. It is kind of hard to kick "worrying". I am working on it. I am human. This road is not easy especially with the cards I've been dealt. I am keeping my head up and my eyes on the prize.

After all, the woman I want to become does not back down :D

My pledge to myself
 I will not worry about being perfect 
 I will not be afraid to fail
I will put my best foot forward in all that I do
I will not stop believing in myself

What's on your mind today? Have you thought about your five year plan? What is your pledge to yourself ?


Thursday, August 18, 2016
  1. NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator, Gleam (I picked this product up at my local CVS pharmacy. Highlighting is my favorite thing now. I love testing as many as I can. I think the color is beautiful but subtle.) 
  2. NYX Tinted Brow Mascara, Expresso (My eyebrows are very fine. I brought this so that my eyebrows appear to be thick. I like it so far!)
  3. Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lipgloss, Pink Pizazz (I'v purchased their chapsticks in the past. I did not know they had lipgloss until I stepped foot in the beauty department of Walmart. I love lipgloss! This one is great because it does not leave white residue at the corner of my lips.)
  4. Black Radiance Baked Bronzer, Gingersnap (Previous to my purchase, I have never brought any Black Radiance products. I am really impressed with this bronzer. The color really pigmented.)
  5. Hard Candy Glamazon Glow All The Way Illuminizer (I was looking for an alternative to the Tom Ford shimmering oil. To my surprise, Hard Candy had this amazing face & body illuminizer. I wanted a nice glow to go along with my tanned skin. This product is cost effective and looks so good on my skin.)
  6. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (I have been dying to try this blending sponge! I didn't really want to pay $20 for a beauty blender and surely didn't want a really cheap blending sponge. The cheap ones are terrible. This product is perfect! I love it!)
  7. Makeup Mat (I needed a makeup mat to prevent makeup from falling all over my desk. I got tired of wiping down my makeup area every time I applied my makeup.)


Tuesday, August 09, 2016

  1. Mara Hoffman for Sephora Collection: Kaleidoscope Charcoal Brush Set $64 (I am in need of new makeup brushes and I must say I am in love with these. The kaleidoscope design is so cool. The brushes are made of cruelty-free synthetic fibers and eco friendly charcoal bamboo).
  2. NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream $7.50 (NYX is one of my favorite brands. I feel nostalgia when I see so many people embracing the current metal lip trend. It reminds of the 80's! I have to get my hands on some of these).
  3. Kat Von D Lock It Foundation $35 (I have never purchased any Kat Von D products; I am dying to try some of them. I have heard so many great things about her products especially this one. I need a new foundation badly and I would like to try this one if my shade is available).
  4. Tartiest Makeupshayla Contour Palette $45 (I've seen many beauty gurus using this palette. What I love most is the color selections and how it can be used to contour or as eye shadow).
  5. Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder $20 (I actually ran out of setting powder. I couldn't decide between this one or the Ben Nye Luxury Powder. I've read really great reviews about Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder. I am excited to test it out! I do not think I will be disappointed).
  6. Smashbox X-Rated Mascara $22 (I have a sample of this product in my May Ipsy bag. I am in love. I love how this product elongates my eyelashes because I do not have any. This is my second favorite next to Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced. I will be purchasing this in full size).
Please comment below if you own any of these products. I'd love to read your review :D

*I do not own the rights to any of these images*

You can find these products on the following websites

Bondi Lifestyle: Kaftans Are Your Ultimate Weekend Style Choice

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Taking the world by storm right now, and for good reason, are kaftans. Easy to wear, ultra-flattering and very comfortable for vacations, weekends and parties. These classically styled and brightly colored fashion pieces are no longer just for the beach.  We’re convinced kaftans are your ultimate weekend style choice!

Stunning Resort Wear Gets Glamorous

Making an entrance at a weekend party or cocktail soiree used to mean a sparkling cocktail dress or classically styled pants with a shimmering top to match.  Now, the latest trend for bring style to a celebration is to bring color and flattering comfort to your fashion style.  Right on trend now are kaftans in the brightest of hues, with sweeping batwing sleeves and low necklines that flatter your décolletage in the most beautiful ways.  Wear with beaded sandals, masses of gold and jeweled necklaces and bangles, and a tan for the perfect party style.

Off to Lunch with the Ladies

Bring a touch of resort to your lunchtime catch up, with a brightly colored and embellished midi kaftan worn over your favorite leggings and with canvas sand shoes or leather sandals.  Bring your own style to the casual weekend resort look by choosing a kaftan in the color of your choice. Rainbow colors are a beautiful selection, but we also adore the more subdued tones of grey and cream, black and white, royal blue and white, or coral.  Whichever you choose, you’ll feel divine as the kaftan flatters every shape and size, and feels breezy and easy to wear for the ultimate in comfort chic.

Bringing Boho Style to Date Night

Boho chic is everywhere right now, and if you want to wear the boho look but your hippie days are behind you, kaftans can bring the look to your wardrobe without a feather or leather halo in sight.  Head out on a date night or a dinner party with friends in a boho chic  kaftan.  A maxi kaftan comes to your ankles, and for a boho look, you can wear your kaftan either in cotton, linen or silk.  Wear with sandals or brightly colored heels for an elegant look, and add as much bling as your dare.  A plait or comb in the side of romantically loose hair brings the boho chick look together, along with some draped earrings, a cocktail ring and plenty of bangles. 

Kaftans as Everyday Wear

No matter your size or shape, your budget or location, there’s a kaftan to suit your weekend style.  Make your casual weekend wear a little more stylish with a short kaftan styled with your favorite comfortable jeans or leggings, and canvas sneakers.  For hitting the soccer sidelines, or heading out for coffee with friends, you’ll love the casual comfort, flattering design and easy to wear style that a kaftan gives you for your everyday wear.
You’ll find a beautiful range of Australian kaftans shipped worldwide from Bondi Lifestyle, inspired by Australia’s most famous beach, Bondi in Sydney.  Every season, shape and size are catered for in this glamorous Australian beach fashion online shop.

By Kathryn Porritt

Kathryn Porritt is the owner of Bondi Lifestyle, your beach fashion online shop filled with a curated collection of kaftans, beach dresses and tunics to buy online inspired by Australia’s most famous beach, Bondi Beach in Sydney. A celebrated author and an experienced stylist, Kathryn’s unique feminine beach style is brought to her customers through her beautiful online beach fashion collections that are shipped worldwide from Australia.
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The Millennials’ Beauty and Skincare Habits

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

After the generation of “baby boomers” came the Generation Y - population born between 80s and early 2000’s. These, so-called millennials are the generation of technology, fast life and thousands of possibilities that ensures they have different lifestyle than their parents did. They have different priorities, aspirations and points of view. The ideal picture isn’t framed by finishing school, getting a job, getting married and having a kid or two; it has become much bigger.

Millennials don’t live for tomorrow, they are focused on their satisfaction at the very moment. Therefore, feeling and looking good are very important elements of their daily lives. That’s the main reason why members of this era are so focused on their beauty routine.

Like in many other cases, beauty habits of millennial women differ from those who are older. As they usually earn the average income, they tend to be very frugal, but when it comes to beauty products, all rules are broken. It seems like no price is too high to ensure a good look that inspires self-confidence.

If you think about it, it’s not strange at all: with so many social media outlets rooted in our lives, you almost feel like a movie star stalked by paparazzi and it’s pretty hard not to be highly aware of your appearance all the time.

Millennial customers

It’s expected that the Generation Y will surpass the Boomer generation in their spending. Based on results of the Lab 42’s online research, millennials seem like good, informed and studious customers, who know exactly what they want. Before hitting a store, these women will research the desired product online, compare it to the others, read reviews and check for sales.

More than a half of them will stay loyal to their favorite premium brands, despite its high prices and won’t hesitate to buy different products depending of the season. 

Responsible consumers

For the millennial generation, besides a healthy lifestyle, environmental care is one of the top priorities. These people are conscious and highly educated about the different aspects of their well-being, so it’s not unusual that they prefer natural and organic beauty products.

Although it may be effective for improving appearance, conventional makeup contains many harmful chemicals which can often cause irritation or allergic reactions. For example, most classic eyeshadows contain heavy-metals that end up absorbed in our body. Ladies of the new millennium choose quality organic eye makeup instead, made from natural, non-harmful and nourishing ingredients, it also provides good coverage. Not only is organic makeup healthier, it also offers sun protection which prevents aging freckles.

Thinking ahead

Trying to look their best, millennials don’t hesitate to use benefits of anti-aging products much earlier than other generations. This characteristic is also crucial in their choice of skincare and beauty products, but that doesn’t mean that they’re ashamed of getting old.

Beside cosmetic products, they keep the young look by nurturing their inner youth spirit. This kind of philosophy makes them self-confident and bold and, at the same time, it’s an endless source of inspiration for expressing their individuality.

Ideology of diversity

Even though it may seem that they have strict policy about beauty product they use, millennials aren’t limited, they’re very open-minded. They’re willing to try new products, especially if they contain some new, unusual ingredients, as long as they fulfill their preferred characteristics. They don’t even make a distinction between women’s and men’s line of cosmetic products.

These are just some of the millennials’ consumer habits. If you’re one of them, considering your age, this habits will create a pattern which will probably last through your lifetime. So think about which ones you want to keep and which one you’d like to change or adopt. The most important thing is to feel perfectly comfortable with decisions and choices you make. 

Author BIO:

Sophia Smith is Australian based fashion and beauty blogger. She enjoys spotting emerging trends and has a great passion for organic skincare and living well. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is regular contributor at High Style Life.

Find her on: Facebook   Twitter   Google +
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