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How to Add Some Fun Into a Classic Beach Look

Monday, July 25, 2016

There’s nothing wrong with a classic beach look and you can freely rock your bikini and protect your head with a wide-brimmed hat. Classic look, as the name suggests, is always trendy and timeless, but you can spice things up this summer and make your look truly personal and fun. There’s no better time and place than summer at the beach or pool to try out something new.

Wear the jewelry

One can see many pictures online where beach looks are completed with various pieces of jewelry, but the truth is that most of the jewelry shown is just for show, and one couldn’t possibly enter the water while wearing it. So, why not make this trend waterproof? If you opt for plastic or rubber jewelry bits and pieces, you can easily swim and enjoy the refreshing water without taking them off. This way, your beach look will be very fun and colorful.

Head scarf or a hat

Everyone knows how important it is to protect your head while you’re exposed to the sun. While one would argue that the brim of a hat also provides the protection for the eyes, you definitely shouldn’t go out without an effective pair of sunglasses. Therefore, you can focus on protecting your head with a more interesting accessory.
Really long scarves can add a lot of texture to the beach outfit and there are tutorials that explain how to tie your head scarf as well. Colorful scarves with tassels at the end are really popular this season.

Get a crochet or lace dress

While the crochet dress for beach look seems really popular, in the end, not many people bother with getting one. Most people opt for the easiest solutions and simply put on shorts or a maxi dress. There’s nothing wrong with these two garments and they are very trendy as well, but completing your beach look with a crochet dress can be really effective. What’s more, it’s romantic and sexy at the same time.
Also there are summer lace dresses for the beach, made of stretchy fabric that dries easily and is as easy to put on as some other garments. Not many people know this, which is probably the reason why there are still not many crochet and lace looks on the beach.

Interesting swimsuits

Going for a classic bikini is perfectly fine, but in all honesty, it would be a real waste to miss out on the opportunity to rock some of the popular swimsuits designs that fill the stores this season. There are just too many styles to choose from. Tassels, strings, interestingly cut one-piece swimsuits are just few of the many popular styles.
You can get yourself more than one swimsuit on a really affordable swimwear sale, since this is the best time to buy a swimsuit. With more than one choice, you can change up your looks at the beach almost every day.

An effective bag

Everyone loves totes and beach bags, but when it comes down to it, most of us go for the most practical one we got used to, regardless of its design. In order to add a unique personal touch to your beach look, put some effort into finding that one perfect beach bag that will make you stand out among the crowd.
There are so many designs, shapes and materials to choose from, and if you take the trouble to visit a few stores you would definitely be able to find a great accessory and finally replace your old bag that, even though cute, has served its purpose for many beach seasons already.
There’s no better season to step out of your comfort zone or finally change up your looks than summer. Beach looks are especially easy to play with, since you won’t need to deal with too many fashion changes as you would with regular outfits. Therefore, embrace the trends or create your own. You’ll definitely turn some heads that way.

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