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Spring 2016 Trends for Every Girl

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Spring is all about fresh trends, looks, styles, and there’s always something new worth looking forward to. If you are a fashion addict, you probably know the fun of spring trends. Since 2016 collections were revealed last year, it is the right time to take a check at the trends of the season. We aren’t talking about trends that can be restricted for spring, but ideas that will surely work as classics for anytime of the year. Without wasting any more time, let’s get started right away.

Rethought: We all think of the white shirt as a classic that can be teamed for formal, semi-formal and casual looks with the same kind of ease, which is pretty amazing. For spring collections, designers rethought the idea and came up with innovative designs for the white shirt, including cut-outs, use of lace, ruffles and much more. If you like to experiment, this is one trend that should make the most sense. Don’t worry, you can find a lot of ideas and designs that can match the needs of daily wear within your budget. Check the collections of Anthony Vaccarello, Fendi, and Vera Wang.

Functional: Something is very unique about pleats. Pleated dresses and skirts can lend an amazing feminine touch to the entire look that you will be spoilt for choices. Many of the top fashion labels, including Hermès, Carolina Herrera, Chanel, and Emilio Pucci worked with functional pleats that looked amazing on the runways. You can look as good as the models off the runways too! Ideally a pleated dress is what you would need for the summer. Add a nice sports bra, a pair of heels and a bright colored summer pleated dress for that perfect look. For tights and sports bras, click here.

Bold: Since we are talking about wearable trends, we cannot get away without mentioning stripes! Stripes was popular in the following designers' collections: Christian Dior, Alexander Wang, and Max Mara. The bold stripes for spring 2016 were all about massive use of accenting colours, which created an instant impression. In fact, if you own one of the outfits straight from the runways, you probably wouldn’t need to check for any extra accessories. Also, there were a few looks at DKNY and Elie Saab, which were minimal and still worked wonders. The best choice should be a dress that has some nice bright colors.
Hope you found a lot of the things you needed for the spring! Start making your bucket list right away, and since these are more classic trends, you can take them ahead to the fall as well. Stay stylish and happy!

Author: As the chief editor for The House Of Elegance Fashion, Suzy Walsh has come a long way as an author and writer on fashion. She is followed by readers around the globe for her amazing sense of fashion and great style statements.

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Nails + Summer Edition

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

So, I am a little obsessed with adding to my nail polish collection. I have so many nail colors. I think it's time I figured out how to build a nail polish rack. I found these cool vibrant colors at CVS pharmacy. The nail polishes were about $4 each. Each season I like to pick up about 10-20 new colors! I even buy some of the same colors. Totally unintentional; except if it is periwinkle. It is my absolute favorite spring/summer shade. I am a fan of bright polish. Can't you tell? I love the shades I picked up! I am obsessed with the yellow one. What is your favorite summer nail color?

Just Beachin'+Lovely in Lilac+Love All+Surf n' Turf+Lime-ousine Ride

Below are a few of my favorite nail hacks

1. Hard To Open Nail Polish: Place the bottle upside down in hot water for about 5 minutes
2. Chunky Nail Polish: Place your nail polish in the freezer for about 10 minutes prior to painting your nails
3. How To Make Your Polish Brighter: Apply white nail polish as a base coat
4.How To Clean Your Nail: Take a q-tip, dip it in Vaseline & rub Vaseline around your nail to clean up around your nail bed
5. How To Make Your Nail Polish Dry Faster: Spray cooking oil on your nails 

Ground Coffee Scrub

Saturday, June 18, 2016

 Coffee scrub is one of my favorite methods to exfoliate my skin. Did you know that ground coffee helps reduce cellulite?  Did you know that ground coffee helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks? Did you know coffee is full of antioxidants that work together to tighten your skin?  If you looking for a simple DIY to achieve healthy, smooth and soft skin; follow these simple steps.

Materials you'll need:

Coconut Oil

Ground Coffee

Brown Sugar

Essential oil (if you wish )
A mason jar

Ground Coffee

Brown Sugar

Take 1 cup of ground coffee & 1/2 cup of brown sugar and pour it into a mason jar.

Add 4 tablespoons of coconut oil into the jar

Combine the coconut oil, ground coffee, sugar, and essential oil & mix

Here's what it should look like! I like a good amount of oil because the ground coffee is a little harsh on the skin. It is worth the results :D

How to use:
Wet your body
Place scrub on your exfoliating glove or palm
Rub scrub into your skin in a circular motion
Please note the ground coffee scrub can be used on your face also (just be careful around your eyes).
When you are finished showering towel bloat your skin.
Apply coconut oil all over your body to lock in the moisture and keep your skin hydrated.

Thank me later :D

Victoria Secret Haul

Friday, June 17, 2016

One of my weaknesses is sales. I try so hard to ignore emails about sales because I do not need to spend money. I just could not miss out on the semi-annual sale at Victoria Secret. I am so happy with my purchases! I am planning to buy more. Ah! I can't help myself. Take a look at what I picked up below :D

 I just learned about the new body care products at Victoria Secret. I picked up the Coconut Milk Exfoliating Body Polish and the Luminous Perfecting Cream. The original price for each product shown above is $18 but I got them for $6. Great bargain right! The paraben-free Luminous Perfecting Cream adds shimmer and shine to my skin. This will look so nice on my tanned skin this summer. The Exfoliating Body Polish is a nice gentle scrub for the body. My skin is super soft and smooth after each use. These products smell so amazing. I am in love and I want more!

This hypnotized body spray smells like the tropics. I absolutely love smelling like a fruit in the summer. I like to keep these in my bag when I am on the go ;) The original price for the body sprays are $18 but I got this one for $5! 

Most of my undergarments are Victoria Secret because they always have great deals. The panties are durable and the colors do not fade as much. The underwear range from $4.99 and up! You better get some before it's too late :D

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Spring Favorites

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Hey guys! I just wanted to share a few of my favorite items with you all. 
Please take a look below!

Urban Decay Matte Revolution 
Bittersweet and Tilt 
These were on sale for $11 at Sephora, Ulta & Macy's!

 Leopard Wristlet 
(Birthday Gift)
I am a little obsessed with leopard :D

Radiate Shimmer Bronzer
Hikari Cosmetics 
(May Ipsy Bag)
I use the gold shade as a highlighter :D

Shop Cocomelody!

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Are you or someone you know happening to be looking for designer dresses for weddings? 

If the answer is yes, today is your lucky day!
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garments with an equal amount of styles to choose from for both men and women. If you are looking for garments for special occasions such as the military ball, prom, graduation or any other formal events, Cocomelody has what you need! 

Cocomelody offers the best customer service online and offline. When you shop online, each garment is sent directly from a workshop with guaranteed fast delivery. Upon entry of the Cocomelody storefront, you are greeted by friendly professionals.The ambiance inside is simply fabulous and inviting. The on staff designer and bridal consultants are more than willing to assist you with choosing the right garment for your special day. 
Cocomelody has recurring sales and special offers, therefore you will not miss out on a great deal. For the month of June, Cocomelody has a coupon offer for 10% off of wedding gowns over $400. When you check out, all you have to do is enter the code “W10”.

If you are interested in purchasing a wedding gown or garments for other special occasions, please see the links below!

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