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ShoeDazzle Unboxing

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I’ve seen many ShoeDazzle advertisements on television, but I’ve never visited their website until last week. I decided to try my luck. Upon visiting the ShoeDazzle website, you are asked to take a style quiz so that the company can choose products according to your liking. After that you are presented a showroom of shoes. There are so many styles to choose from.

I received my package this morning. I must say I was really impressed. You guys won’t believe how much I paid for these shoes. The Izabella Rue “Sonata” heels were only $10! If you have the VIP membership; you can get these for $10 too! I love a nice sandal with great details. I purchased these in cobalt blue because it’s my favorite color. The “Sonata” shoe is narrow with a 4 inch heel.  I love the braided rope that ties around your ankle. Totally bohemian chic! If you would like a pair of these Sonata heels, click the link below.

10 comments on "ShoeDazzle Unboxing"
  1. I haven't purchased a shoe from them before, but I must say that they have fab shoes. Your shoes are!! Can't wait to see how you style it. :)

  2. Love your fashion shoes, and i want to wear


    1. Hi Ann,
      Thanks so much for stopping by! You should order a pair :)

  3. I'd love to have these

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